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The following terms and conditions apply to the usage of the website and the usage of the information and the services provided through the website to the readers. You agree to all of these terms and conditions of this website by accessing this website. If you do not agree to any clause or the entire terms and conditions then you must immediately exit the website and refrain from using it in the future. The website updates its terms and conditions to include new terms whenever it is required. Please read the terms of use of the website before using it to make sure you agree to them.



  1. Site
    This website makes information regarding the property in Puriby the name of Krishna Sea Sight which is owned and managed by Om Leisure Group. The company has been established under the laws of India and it follows the industry standards and all laws set by the industry.
  2. Trademarks
    The site contains trademarks owned or licensed to Om Leisure Group to distinguish the services it provides. All intellectual property including the trademarks are protected from being copied, used or reproduced without the explicit consent of Om Leisure Group. Any of the trademarks of the company cannot be used in whole or part in connection to services that are not provided or endorsed by Krishna Sea Sight. These trademarks cannot be used to confuse or mislead the users either or to damage the reputation of the hotel or the Group.
  3. Copyright
    All information on the websites including the texts, images, graphics and links are proprietary of Krishna Sea Sight or are licensed by the hotel. None of the information can be copied or used without prior consent from the hotel.
  4. Usage
    The use of this website is entirely for personal use. The information that is made available on the website can be printed or download for your personal use only. The use of the website does not allow you any entitlement to the information or the services on the website. You cannot
    1. Use the information on the website for commercial purposes, to display it publicly as your own, or to sell or rent the information.
    2. Interfere in any way with the software used on the website or the information provided.
    3. Use any part of the website for unlawful purposes or for activities that are not in accordance with the conditions of the website.
  5. Information
    The website provides information on a general basis and not as advice to any of the readers. This information is made available on an ‘as is’ basis and to the extent permitted by law, it is made available without any warranties. You are responsible for the risk of use or for relying on the information on the website and all material accessed through the website. Om Leisure Resort Puri makes great efforts to ensure that the information provided on the website is reliable, but the chance of omission or technical errors may cause discrepancies which is why the website does not make or give any warranty regarding the matter related to the website.
    Om Leisure Resort Puri and Om Leisure Group is not liable for any loss that results from your reliance or use of the information available on the website. Before acting on the information or relying on the material on the website, you must make independent inquiries of your own.
    The information on the website is updated and modified by Om Leisure Resort Puri when required. The terms and conditions of the website, gives the hotel absolute rights to make necessary changes. All new information or updated details will also be subject to the same terms and conditions unless specifically mentioned on the website.
    Om Leisure Resort Puri does not guarantee that the website will run without any interruptions or be free of all errors. The hotel can even change or discontinue a part of the site without prior information and without being liable for any loss resulting out of this action.
    You must make sure that any information you provide to us is accurate and complete. This information will help us process your reservations or service requests so it is important that it is correct. You will be accountable for any loss or damage occurring from the inaccuracy of information provided by you.
  6. Liabilities
    Krishna Sea Sight does not take any liability whatsoever of any loss or damage whether direct or indirect caused because of the use of the website. Using the website or relying on the information on the website is completely on the discretion of the readers. The website aims at providing general information regarding the hotel and its facilities. This information should be treated as general information and should not be used as advice.
    Any form of damage or loss including loss of property, loss of business or intellectual property caused because of the use of website will be entirely the responsibility of the user. Krishna Sea Sight will not be held responsible for any such loss or damage.
    However, Krishna Sea Sight will be responsible for all actions to the extent permitted by the law. If the law prohibits the exclusion of the application of liability of Krishna Sea Sight under any of the warranty or terms and conditions then the hotel will be deemed liable for that particular warranty or term or condition. But the liability will be limited only to the breach of that warranty, term or condition and the following will be applicable:
    1. If the breach is related to a service provided by the hotel, then the hotel will supply the services again or pay the cost of having the services supplied again.
    2. If the breach is related to one or more products supplied by the hotel, then the hotel will repair or replace the product. If the replacement cannot be done, then a payment of the cost of having the product replaced will be provided.
  7. Warnings
    All readers must make sure that their access to the website is authorized and does not involve any legal implications or is not prohibited by the laws that apply to them.
    Necessary precautions must be taken to access the website so that the reader’s computer system is not vulnerable to virus, malware, malicious computer codes, or any other form of interference. The users are responsible for ensuring that their computer meets the technical specifications which will allow them to use the website properly. Om Leisure Resort Puri will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your computer system as a result of using the website, directly or indirectly. While Om Leisure Resort Puri tries to ensure that all information available on the website which can be downloaded to the computer is free of infections, the hotel does not warrant any of it. So it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that all material downloaded from the website is checked for infections before they use it. The readers are responsible for taking precautions to avoid infections being downloaded to their computer system.
  8. Linked Websites
    The website may contain links to other websites which are made available for the readers for convenience. These linked websites may not be current and may not be updated. Since Om Leisure Resort Puri does not own the linked websites, we can warrant for the information provided on them. All readers must use their own discretion once they move away from our website. You will be accountable for any loss or damage occurring from your use of the linked websites. You acknowledge and agree that Om Leisure Resort Puri does not have any control over the information and materials available on the linked websites.
    Do not consider the links on the website to be any form of endorsement of the products and services provided by the linked websites. Om Leisure Resort Puri does not approve or recommend any of the products or services provided through the third party links unless specifically stated by us.
  9. Reservations
    The website includes a reservation feature which is made available only to help the customers in checking for the availability of the products and services and to make legitimate reservations. This feature does not exist for any other purpose other than this.
    If you make a reservation with the hotel through the website, you must take up financial responsibility for such action whether it is authorised by you or not.
    You warrant that you are of 18 years of age or more and you have the legal authority to enter into a legal agreement of using the website and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the website. The room rates and availability on this website is solely for the Puri property, namely Om Leisure Resort Puri, owned and managed by Om Leisure Group.
    Till the time Om Leisure Resort Puri does not send a confirmation email confirming your reservation, there will be no contract between you and the hotel regarding the reservation of rooms.
    You confirm that the method of payment you use to make the payment for the reservations are your own. You must also acknowledge that the details provided by you for the booking is accurate and complete. Om Leisure Resort Puri reserves the right to obtain validation of your credit card before providing any products or services to you.
  10. Security
    Om Leisure Resort Puri understands the importance of security in this digital era. This is why the website is layered with a number of security protocols and it uses adequate security to maintain the confidentiality of information provided by the users. All payments made on our website are secure.
    While we take great measures to ensure security of the website and the information provided by the users, you must understand that data on the internet is subject to risks especially during transmission. Om Leisure Resort Puri will not be held responsible for the security of confidentiality of the data transmitted over the internet.
  11. Termination of Access
    In the event of a breach of any of the terms and conditions laid out on the website, your access to the website will be terminated instantly and without any notice.

These terms and conditions govern the use of this website. If for any reason you do not agree to any of these terms and conditions then please avoid the use of the website and exit immediately from the website.